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RWG, 2e Maasvlakte
  • RWG, 2e Maasvlakte

    The several main components of the workshop like workshop hall, office area, main entrance,
    shower and changing area and canteen are clearly identifiable by volume and façade
    although the front materials are fusing in a dynamic way.
    Canteen and inner garden express the comfortable and protected working climate of
    white and blue collar employees working together on the RWG terminal.
    The design of the workshop is leading for the architectural design of the gate building and
    the security lodge. Other future building on the RWG terminal have to be designed in the same style by which all the buildings spread over the terminal will be recognisable.

    The workshop hall with 12 accessible workplaces, a span of 45 meter and one huge
    bridge crane is situated in the plot as close as possible to the operations side.
    The hall can easily be extended by four workplaces within the plot and by even more
    workplaces when the plot permits. Next to the workshop hall, divided by a
    corridor, the offices and the training facilities are located within the height of the workshop
    hall in three storeys. The inner garden is situated in between. The office area on the second and third floor can be shut off before and after regular hours. In a second phase of the RWG terminal it is
    optional to accommodate operations and administration on a fourth floor that has to be
    built on top of the present construction. The garden gives expression to the human
    scale and a the comfortable working climate, both for white collar employees and blue collar
    workers which have their shower & changing area at the ground floor of the garden. The
    garden can also be used for special events. The canteen is situated on the first floor and
    shaped in a rather relaxed round form. From that point you can have a great panoramic
    view over the new port of Maasvlakte 2. The main entrance and reception area is highly
    covered by the canteen, so the visitors will be protected.
    • Details

      ProjectRotterdam World Gateway

      Location2e Maasvlakte , Rotterdam
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