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    In our cities solid and interesting buildings are being vacated and abandoned whilst waiting for a new destination and function. Former industrial, agricultural and office buildings may get into a deplorable state and this applies to those buildings we define as being suitable for FURNITURAL SPACE. Such spaces can easily be used to move in and when the time is up be moved out again. The
    space which is thus changed and converted makes use of an unoccupied building in a friendly and useful way on a temporary basis.FURNITURAL SPACE is made of pre-fabricated wooden boxes that can be assembled in many different ways. A schedule of different types of boxes shows a broad spectrum of possibilities. Once the available space and the needs are defined in a building, FURNITURAL SPACE gives the opportunity to create a space to suit various needs. The furniture does not only take its space but all
    the spaces of the inner circle of the furniture can be used again. Once the building is renovated or refurbished and eventually gets another use, all the elements of FURNITURAL SPACE can be dismantled and re-assembled in different ways for different uses in another buildings.The prefabricated boxes are made of sustainable material such as chip wood, bamboo, maple
    plywood or by recycling shuttering plywood of 15 mm thickness. Each box, with dimensions 600 x 600 x 600 mm, weighs approximately 18 kilos. Boxes can be stacked easily by two people assembling a unit. After ordering the different boxes a manual will show you how to construct the unit. Initially the floor must be leveled out by placing a wooden grid. The cables required for electricity, water pipes drains and optical fibre cables are all led through the grid and through the boxes upwards. The grid will be covered by plywood before the boxes are placed and stacked. At a height of 2400 mm another grid covered by plywood will be placed as second floor on top of the boxes. Above some more boxes will be stacked.
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      Ontwerp 2012
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